About Us

For more than thirty-five years, Nu-Metal Finishing has been at the forefront of the surface finishing industry. As one the first companies to qualify for certification under the stringent ISO 9001:2008 Standard, our market leadership continues today. We are an approved vendor to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, electronics, medical, semiconductor, and other high tech industries. Our customers include industry leaders in their respective markets. Not only does Nu-Metal Finishing serve these market leaders directly, as an approved vendor on their cleaning and plating processes, we serve the hundreds of machine shops and other subcontractors that form the supply chain for these great companies.

Nu-Metal has designed a unique, unparalleled, custom software package to meet the needs of customers in the advanced markets we service. Product traceability and linked process control databases allow Nu-Metal to maintain part and document integrity throughout our entire operation. Coupled with our Quality Team, Nu-Metal Finishing is the plating company of choice.

Nu-Metal has filled a void that exists in the industry by being one of the few companies to provide tools which aid customers in getting the answers they need.  Providing top flight service is our goal. In addition, see our On-Line RFQ service.